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Dementia Care

399125 331072766988990 615789025 nMemory Lane is our specialised wing for residents who suffer with Dementia. Here, you will find their own personal kitchen and sitting rooms to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea.

These rooms have been decorated keeping in line with the needs of our residents with Dementia by keeping the living area as old fashioned looking and homely as possible. We have used specific colours that are in agreement with our residents. You will find hats and scarves throughout the halls hanging on the walls as you would in your own home. Just off Memory Lane is Market Street. Here, you can walk up the gravel and grass covered path where you will see the beautiful murals of shops, churches and post offices of local towns such as Clonberne, Dunmore and Tuam painted on the walls.Central Park Nursing Home based their whole new extension on the learnings of Dementia Care Matters after our Proprietor, Caroline Maguire and Director of Nursing, Stella Grogan, completed studies with Dementia Care Matters last year.

Thanks to Dementia Care Matters we have seen a huge improvement in our residents with dementia. It's amazing how the little things like rummage drawers, hats and jackets hung on the wall or even colours can help someone feel more relaxed and comfortable.

"The pictures on your page are amazing and really make us smile here at Dementia Care Matters. Your care home is truly an example of what it means to improve the quality of life for those with dementia!"

Dementia Care Matters
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